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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By 79 After Dark & Neelima’s Kitchen

In the new Food Trail Festival at 79AD, that begins on 7th February 2021, one can expect colourful pit stops and a sensational selection of dishes from the diverse states of India. Spanning over six Sunday Brunches in Rajasthan, before continuing its culinary adventure.

Rajasthan is known for its delicious Vegetarian Thalis. A large plate consisting of smaller vessels with a variety of dishes, ranging from appetizers to desserts, arranged in a simple yet beautiful manner. It is a complete meal, that can be topped up to satisfy one’s appetite. And to truly capture the essence of Rajasthan, Chef Amit Verma, 79 After Dark's Head Chef, leading all areas of kitchen operation, is cooking up a storm of dishes that are sure to transport you to the state.

Chef Amit worked in North Indian kitchens of bistros, major catering central kitchens, and until recently under the tutelage of a celebrity Chef in a fine-dining restaurant, set in New Delhi. Adding to his accolades and years of experience, he won a Silver Award in Young Chefs Challenge in North Indian Cuisine category in 2015 organised by Association of Hospitality Professionals. His innovative ideas backed with strong traditional cooking technique in North Indian cooking, constantly deliver new and exciting dishes for all. Currently, Chef Amit is working as the Executive Chef with 79 After Dark.

In his own words,

"As a Chef from India it is a proud feeling for me to introduce the authentic flavours of Rajasthan to Singapore. I share an emotional and personal attachment to this cuisine as it stems from the place of my birth, Rajasthan. When speaking of the cuisine, I would say, it is a perfect balance between Tangy & Spicy and in the preparation I have instilled, my fondest thoughts of home, which I believe, will shine through for our guests, with every dish in the Maharaja Bhog Thali. There are many other traditional dishes apart from the famous Dal Baati Churma, like Ker Sangri, Pyaaz Kachori, Gattey ki Sabzi etc. Our guests can indulge heartily in this Unlimited Thali, beginning with a refreshing Masala Chaas and ending on a sweet note with some lip-smacking Ghevar. As the Executive Chef of 79 After Dark I invite all to taste the flavours of Rajasthan and all the other states of this magnificent Food Festival."

In addition to Chef Amit's expertise, 79AD has collaborated with Neelima's Kitchen, a home kitchen service that is founded by chef Neelima Bhansali, whose vision is to redefine home-cooked meals. The Pure Vegetarian dishes offered at Neelima’s Kitchen are perfected with the unique blend of authenticity and freshness. Taking pride in being trusted health partners with their customers for all their meal requirements, from hosting parties, satiating seasonal cravings, to daily meals, and the best desserts.

In her own words,

"As a chef, my most exciting endeavour is to take people on an emotional and cultural detour through my food. Our Maharaja Bhog Thali is especially curated to give you the feel of Indian royalty, while reminiscing the flavours from mom's kitchen."

Together, they have created an irresistible menu, a decadent Unlimited Maharaja Bhog Thali, of magnificent dishes, like the famous Panchmel Dal with Baati, Gattey Ki Sabzi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Kachumbar & Masala Chaas by Chef Amit and Churma, Pyaaz Kachori, Jodhpuri Kabuli, Ker Sangri, & Ghevar by Neelima's Kitchen.

Giving to all, a taste of royal Rajasthani dining at an amazing price of $38++ for Adults and $25++ for Children. An exciting add on worth $35++ will buy free flow of Alcohols for anyone that wishes to enjoy it, making it the perfect way to spend a hearty Sunday with Family and Friends.