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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

A Thali of Unlimited Deliciousness

Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest culinary treasures of India and is primarily vegetarian. It offers a wide variety of dishes, that depict a unique cooking style and the creative use of everyday vegetables and spices. A distinctive characteristic of Gujarati food is its palate-pleasing combination of sweet and sour flavours. Commonly used ingredients such as turmeric, cardamom, cumin, coriander and so on make even simple dishes gratifying.

A traditional Gujarati meal sits on a lovely silver platter or 'Thali' and comprises an elaborate affair of dishes mainly Rotis/Puris, Dal/Kadhi, Sabzi, Rice, Homemade Pickles and Dessert. Other staples that are famous not just in Gujarat, but across India as snack-time favourites are Khakhara and Khaman Dhokla, dishes that have put this cuisine on the culinary map of the world.

On 79AD's Gujarati Swaad Menu, one can taste the above-mentioned authentic dishes, like Dhokla, a wonderfully soft and fluffy, lightly sweet, and savoury cake that is one of the most loved snacks across the country, Gujarati Kadhi, a smooth blend of sweet and savoury flavours, Undhiyu, a one-pot vegetable casserole dish that is the hallmark of Gujarati vegetarian cuisine, Sev Tameta nu Mel, a famous (sabzi) vegetable dish equivalent to comfort food, and so much more! For those with a sweet tooth, the menu offers Mango Shrikhand, topped with chopped dried fruits and served slightly cold. Shrikhand is a luscious and delightful Gujarati dessert which when paired with the flavour of Mango is a heavenly combination that is perfect for a Sunday treat!

To taste the Menu and indulge in a relaxing Brunch, all one must do is reserve a table at $38++ for adults and $25++ for children, for any of the six Sundays between 2nd May and 6th June. As 79AD sees a lot of guests for its one-of-a-kind brunches, there are two seating slots to choose from, 12-2 pm and 2-4 pm. Anyone looking to pair the indulgent Gujarati Thali with a glass of wine, prosecco or beer can enjoy free flow at just $35++. There is no denying that this pit stop is going to be great. So as the Gujarati people say, "Chalo Jamva!".