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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

In A Culinary Escapade Through the Alleys of Delhi

With the Food Trail Festival well underway and an overwhelming response from guests all over Singapore, the 79AD food truck is stalking up on flavour fuel for its journey to the next stop, the capital of India, Delhi. Unanimously famous for its relation to Chaats that dates to the Mughal era, Delhi's street food is coveted and loved by both locals and tourists.

'Chaat' describes an entire category of Indian street foods that offers the palate a symphony of exotic flavours and textures. It is lip-smacking, delicious, and intense all at once. Chaats come in varieties, inspired by different regions, and are combination of sweet, salty, crunchy, spicy, and savoury ingredients. They are one of the most versatile forms of snacking in India and part of the next Sunday Brunch menu at 79AD!

The Delhi themed Sunday Brunch commences from 21st March 2021 and comprises an 8-course delicious set-meal at $38++ for Adults and $25++ for Children. At just $35++ one can also enjoy a free flow of alcohols. Some dishes to look forward to are the chaat counter for freshly prepared 'Gol Gappas' 'Papdi Chaat' and ‘Aloo Pakodi Chaat', amazing main course dishes like 'Pav Bhaji and 'Chole Bhatura', great choice of sides and a decadent 'Kulfi Falooda' that ties it all together for an Indian street food binge experience.

Nothing short of a culinary escapade, it will carry on through to the Festival of Holi! Celebrated with great pomp and happiness in Delhi, and all over India as the festival of mirth, colours, and piquant foods, it is spent applying colours to family and friends, frolicking, and partaking in meals together. At 79AD it signified by a refreshing 'Kesari Thandai', an irresistible cold drink included on the Brunch menu, usually consumed during the festival of Holi.

For those looking to celebrate Holi safely with family and friends in present times, a great way to make the most of it is by enjoying the mouth-watering foods that are prolific in the state of Delhi and brought to your table in a great Sunday Brunch at 79 After Dark.