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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

79 After Dark's Gujarat Pit Stop from the Chef's Perspective

Gujarati cuisine is known for its vegetarian dishes that display a variety of authentic spices that are at the heart of Indian cuisine and a very traditional mix of sweet and sour flavours.

As the Executive Chef at 79 After Dark, Chef Amit shares a connection with different types of cuisines, especially Indian. His love for cooking and cuisine is what drives him to bring authentic dishes to every pit stop in the Food Trail.

When asked about the Gujarati Swaad Thali, Chef Amit says, "I am a strong believer that good food is what connects people across cultures and as a chef, I always try to offer a unique culinary experience to all my guests. I for sure knew that serving an authentic & pure vegetarian Gujarati thali to the people of Singapore would do just that."

He also touched upon what he finds best about the cuisine saying, "Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest culinary treasures of India, which to date dominantly remains vegetarian due to various religious philosophies. What I truly enjoy about this delicious cuisine is the unique blend of flavours that tickle all your taste buds together. One can enjoy sweet, sour, savoury & spicy flavours simultaneously. An attribute, that cannot be found in any other cuisine in India, thus making Gujarati meals an exotic and exciting dining experience."

Finally, Chef Amit spoke of the dishes he carefully curated to deliver on his purpose, "I have curated the Gujarati Thali menu, to bring to you simple homemade dishes such as Khatti Meethi Dal, Sev Tameta Nu Mel served with popular & authentic Gatta Nu Shaak, Undhiyu, & Dhokla, to name a few, to give my guests an ultimate Gujarati cuisine experience."

More about the dishes - Khaman Dhokla is a very popular, light, savoury, spongy cake. Khatti Meethi Dal is a staple in Gujarati household meals and is a mild flavoured sweet-sour dal topped with tempered ghee and spices. Sev Tameta Nu Mel is a spicy and tasty curry served with crunchy gram flour noodles, Undhiyu - a slow-cooked veggie curry, Gatta nu Shaak - delicious gram flour dumplings served in yoghurt based curry and for dessert, Mango Shrikhand - a sweet dish made from hung curd and mango pulp.

Your safety is our priority. Due to the new strict Government rules, we have now officially stopped dine in at 79AD. However, we are offering our delicious Gujarati Thalis for Take-away and Delivery. Enjoy the same authentic and traditional thali in the safety of your home at $25nett!

Please note:

Thalis are available on Saturday and Sunday from 12-3pm

Minimum 4 thalis to be ordered

$15 delivery charge (island-wide delivery) or self pick-up