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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

An Exciting Food Trail of India

The 79 After Dark food truck is revving and setting a course to bring the Best of Indian cuisine to Singapore, in an amazing Festival of Cultures and Flavours making pit stops in the vibrant, colourful, and diverse states of India.

The journey begins on 7th February 2021, in Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas and a taste of this grandeur is reflected in decadent pure vegetarian Thalis. A complete and balanced meal of appetizers, mains, sides, and dessert served on a large dish in a majestic arrangement, fit to please royalty. The adventure continues in the streets of Delhi, where the festival of colours is celebrated with joyful chants of ‘Holi Hai!’ and a cosmopolitan of Chaats, India’s favourite street food.

As the trail leads on, a warm welcome awaits, ‘Aavo Padharo’, to the state of Gujarat to taste the perfected art of vegetarian cooking, in rich and hearty dishes that will be hard to resist. While drawing to the end of this amazing food trail, 79AD takes on ‘Desi Tadka’ with culinary excellence to bring the appetizing flavours of Punjab to the table.

The Cultural Festival aims to encompass the history and complexion of some of the most famous foods in Indian gastronomy into a variety of dishes, while keeping them simple to consume and full of authentic flavours. 79AD has carefully crafted menus that will enhance and showcase the diverse dishes of each state, creating the ultimate Indian cuisine dining experience. Available for six Sundays per state, everything about this food trail, from the décor to the food, is going to leave you craving more. Unique and exciting to say the least, this journey simply cannot be missed.