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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

A Glance Back on Our Beginnings and A Look Ahead to Our Future

Vibrant, eclectic and the ultimate spot at Circular Road to satisfy late-night cravings - 79 After Dark turns 2! Celebrating two years since our launch, we are still just as happy and proud as when we first started. Looking back on the past two years, we can confidently say that we have lived up to our purpose and have grown tremendously.

As a business, we have established ourselves as a late-night restaurant, operating from lunch hours into the wee hours of night, sometimes as late as 3 am, serving different groups of customers in the ever-lively Boat Quay with an urban fusion of Indian Chinese dishes, authentic North Indian cuisine, and even Western classics – (our dine-in services are no longer operational due to Covid-19 restrictions).

In addition to making late-night Indian cuisines available to all, 79AD is now a popular lunch and dinner location for corporate groups, a chill hub for friends unwinding after a long day, a weekend oasis where families catch up over dinners or Sunday brunches and a venue for parties and events with catering services – (which is currently stopped due to Covid-19).

We began by specialising in Indian Chinese cuisine prepared by our expert and experienced chef, as we identified it as something that was lacking at Boat Quay. We also serve authentic North Indian cuisine, which we are immensely proud of, prepared by chefs with over 20 years of combined experience. The key to our success was in offering menus that our customers loved and came back for. We served, listened to feedback, and remained consistent, keeping our menus virtually unchanged since we launched, so our signature food items are always available for our guests. Over time, we added a selection of highly requested Western cuisine to our menu and a specialised chef to our team, who innovates unique, delicious tapas and bar snacks every week, that keep our customers curious and guessing.

Being a relatively new restaurant, we have faced many challenges, from building a kitchen suitable for 3 cuisines to riding through the economic ups and downs and each time we have emerged stronger & more determined.

Our current and most trying challenge yet is the pandemic that is affecting 79AD and many other F&B businesses like us all over the world. It is a situation with unpredictable and ever-changing obstacles that have gripped us since March 2020 and continues to do so even now, as we are manoeuvring through another lockdown and heightened restrictions. Nevertheless, our multicultural and hardworking team members remain hopeful and resilient as we continue our journey to follow our passion for serving good food to all our guests.

Even though we are unable to celebrate this milestone with pomp and grandeur, we look forward to your continued support via takeaway and delivery during Phase 2 heightened alert from 16/5/21 to 13/6/21. We hope to see you all again once the situation winds down and our dine-in facilities are resumed.

Cheers to the Second Anniversary of 79 After Dark!

Thank you all for the support and love of our services.


The 79AD Team.